Imagine how your child’s life could change when they attain the following benefits:


•  An understanding that respect and self-discipline open the doors of opportunity.

•  Appreciating that concentration, focus and perseverance lead to success.

•  A desire to understand, improve, achieve and succeed.

•  Feeling stronger, more able and confident.

•  Develop an “I can do that, I’ll give it my best” attitude.

•  Learning skills that link thinking and movement that helps them feel positive, protect them and energize them.

•  Experiencing the concept that effort can be fun and over time will result in a reward.

•  Becoming personally responsible and cooperative.


Experts agree that a quality Martial Arts programme is one of the very best ways to help children gain self-discipline, respect and confidence - essentials traits for success at school, at home, and in life. At Mile High Karate we’ll help improve your child’s attitude, behaviour and self-sufficiency, which will help make your life much easier and more peaceful as well! And, as valuable as our programme is for children, it does equal wonders for parents. With our kids and family classes, you have the option of taking classes right alongside your child and enjoying the same great fitness, confidence and security that your child will attain, along with a special bond that will last a lifetime. Our students achieve life-changing positive results because we focus on combining the traditional teachings of martial arts; the development of a strong mind, body and spirit, with a “What is important for families right now?” perspective toward character development, leadership skills, behavioural standards, personal safety, goal setting, success skills, confidence building, academic achievement, teamwork, and much, much more..

“One of our most important goals is to provide our younger students with the confidence, attitude and initiative to safely navigate the many challenges they face on a daily basis through utilizing the values of martial arts positively and responsibly”.

When you, your child or your family enrol in any of our programmes, you will be training as part of a highly-motivated and dedicated group of people.


We accept children, adults and families into our Orientation programme who demonstrate good character, who want to have fun, and enjoy the life-changing benefits of martial arts, and who have strong family support.


Orientation is where our instructors assess and determine who has the aptitude, attitude and determination to strive forward, to meet and accept the challenges that the martial arts contain, and to embrace a vision as to the potential of what can be achieved now and into the future for themselves, their children and their family as a whole.


You or your child can’t reach their full potential without a sense of commitment and follow through, and the support and example of other highly dedicated students. From the beginning, we strive toward Black Belt excellence in developing desire, tenacity and perseverance.


Boys and girls (and parents!) who earn their Black Belts stand head and shoulders above their peers when it comes to confidence, self-esteem, success skills, leadership skills and a positive view of themselves and the world around them.


Think how important that confidence and positive self-image are for kids to be able to say NO to all the negative peer pressures they face every day, and YES to the positive challenges that lead to success in life. Martial Arts really can change your child’s life forever!


At Mile High Karate in Tauranga and Auckland, our full-time studios offer genuine martial arts at a great value. We are competitively priced with other quality full-time martial arts schools.


You and your child’s development always comes first. Kids get tons of encouragement and feedback, and we use proven methods to motivate and inspire children. Our instructors are parents themselves and understand the everyday challenges faced by all families.


Martial Arts has proven very beneficial for young people as it helps build confidence which is really important to their personal development right now, and into the future, helping them make good decisions in dealing with all sorts of issues especially peer pressure and bullying. At Mile High Karate we place huge importance on character development, goal setting and celebrating student achievement.


We look forward to meeting with you, and to give you and your family the opportunity to trial Mile High Karate so that you may discover as our families have, that the martial arts provide the tools for ongoing improvement, physically and mentally, and will enable YOUR child to programme themselves for success right now and into their future.

Building Confidence


Confidence is improved through the application of positive reinforcements, incentives, and acknowledgments that are delivered on a regular basis that is both subtle and obvious in order to support a positive action, decision, comment, or physical task. At Mile High Karate we support all levels of learning ability in order to promote an “I can” attitude. The grading process also provides regular confidence anchors with the main goal being the gradual approach toward the achievement of Black Belt.


Utilising Martial Arts Values


Goal setting and attainment is a major part of the physical and mental learning process incorporated within Martial Arts. As students progress and improve, their self-esteem strengthens, providing the ability to interact with confidence in many different social situations. Every day, students are encouraged to utilize the values of respect, courtesy, self-discipline, and commitment positively and responsibly, in turn earning the respect of all those they interact with within the community. These values become strengths and assets within a balanced, focused character.


Martial Arts Supports Growth


As children grow, the learning and practice of Martial Arts add to their physical and intellectual growth. Gone are the days when martial arts were seen only as violent pursuits. The positive benefits now acknowledged as inherent within the Martial Arts for both girls and boys are extremely beneficial not only for the child but for the family and the greater community. As children become more aware of the responsibilities associated with training and advancement they become more co-operative and understanding of the need to work together toward a common goal. 


Peer Pressure and Bullying

As young minds are forming and relationships created, wrong impressions can be formed accompanied by wrong decisions. The attitudes of some can destroy the self-esteem of the innocent and unwary. Most children are very aware of the feelings of others but there are many also who unfortunately do not care. Children must learn to cope with the complexities of the many environments they become involved in. The best tool they may possess is confidence. To be themselves, think for themselves, know what is right and wrong, and make good decisions. Martial Arts address all of these aspects and more. We support  all  anti-bully  initiatives  and  suggest  these  web  links  for  information on bullying.

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