Our goal is to help you and your family achieve new

levels of fitness and health, self-discipline, confidence

and focus, through the mind/body practice of martial arts...





Martial Arts has proven very beneficial for young people as it helps build confidence which is really important to their personal development right now, and into the future, helping them make good decisions in dealing with all sorts of issues especially peer pressure and bullying.  We place huge importance on character development, goal setting and celebrating student achievement.


You and your child’s development always comes first. Kids get tons of encouragement and feedback, and we use proven methods to motivate and inspire children. Our instructors are parents themselves and understand the everyday challenges faced by all families.


Our full-time studios offer genuine martial arts at a great value. We are competitively priced with other quality full-time martial arts schools.




We have programmes available for KIDS, TEENS, and ADULTS depending on what your family requirements are. The programmes below are our kids up to 12 years have been specifically created to work with individual and family needs.


Our Little Dragons Programme focuses on improving preschool-age children’s gross motor skills along with developing attention skills. These skills enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way. Your child will learn how to work with others and follow directions in a fun environment. Included are eight Major Skills that help in the natural growth patterns of physical movement, hand/eye coordination and left/right function. Little Dragon Personal  Development Skills are added to reinforce important safety values. Upon completion of the Programme, your child will become focused and motivated to achieve any goal they set in life!


Our most important goal is to provide our younger students with the confidence, attitude and initiative to safely navigate the challenges they face on a daily basis through utilising the values of martial arts positively and responsibly. These values will allow them to cope with conflict, apply themselves assertively, and to focus on goal setting and goal achieving so that they may succeed in their aspirations now and in the future. Then, they may become role models and leaders themselves.

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From our members

"Can highly recommend. My daughter has been studying karate since she was eight, and has progressed to her black belt. It did wonders for her self confidence and she has forged really strong friendships along the way!"

KERRY - Mother


"Mile High Karate has been the best thing ever for my
son. It has taught him discipline, respect, confidence and courage. My son is now a Black Belt after 5 years of training starting at age 7. "

BRAD - Father


I’m surprised at how much we have both learned and grown as individuals. My son has become far more responsible around the house and is a lot more respectful to his peers. He can’t wait to be a black belt and is willing to try his hardest to succeed and wants to get really good at the weapons he will learn. We both look forward to classes every week and developing our skills in what is a very supportive environment. It’s great that we are able to train together as it has helped to make our relationship stronger. Mile High Karate is a positive, challenging and rewarding environment. The instructors are great and what is taught can be utilized in all areas of your life. Highly recommended!

KAYE - Mother



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Mile High Karate - North Shore

3B Kaimahi Rd, Wairau Valley,

Auckland 0627

Tel: 09-444 8668

Mile High Karate - Tauranga

8 Bayfarm Lane (Off Second Ave)

Tauranga 3112

Tel: 07-577 6868


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